Why You Should Automate Your Company’s Recycling Systems

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Recycling remains an issue, despite the fact that 35% of waste in the U.S. is being recycled. EPA estimates that 75% of the waste can be recycled and if that were the case, the U.S. would create 1.5 million new jobs.

The environmental benefit would be worthwhile too as recycling 75% of the waste would be equivalent to taking 50 million cars off the road every year. Every hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles, which is an alarming enough.

Automation in Recycling Systems

In 2015, Republic Services, a renowned waste disposal company introduced an automated recycling center capable of processing 2 million pounds of waste one day, which equates to 70 tons per hour.

This year in May, the MAX-AI technology was launched which is expected to kick off a new automation era in recycling. Companies stand to gain a lot from automating their recycling systems in terms of efficiency, higher production rate, and improved sorting performance.

Of course, automation can be carried out in stages, so you can start by implementing conveyors to automate the material handling process. Furthermore, automated sorting lines can be used to replace manual labor sorting, which is still commonplace in many MRPs.

Why Companies Should Automate Recycling

Recycling is always a win-win situation because in the short term, it reaps economic benefits but in the long term, it reduces the environmental impact. By automating their recycling systems, here’s how companies can benefit:

1. It’s Profitable!

Automated recycling not only elevates the quality of the recyclables but also increases production rates. Companies will be able to process bigger volumes of waste which naturally translates into higher profit potential.

Moreover, by eliminating labor intensiveness, automatic recycling can eliminate labor costs.

2. Eco-Friendly and Healthy!

Using automated recycling, garbage pollution can be eliminated while simultaneously increasing the number of final products. For instance, there are some types of waste that can be recycled but not with the help of labor.

By switching to automated recycling systems, if anything can be recycled, it will be recycled! Furthermore, automated recycling also inculcates a healthier environment for the labor to work in.

3. Efficient Recycling All The Way!

Just like any other process that has been automated, recycling efficiency will increase. As Republic Services showed that 70 tons of waste can be processed in one hour by using automated, the sky is the limit.

Crigler Can Help You Automate!

Considering how quickly the environment is deteriorating, recycling efforts need to be increased and the most plausible way to do so is through automated recycling systems. At Crigler Enterprises, we offer automated separation equipment to various companies.

Crigler can custom design automated recycling systems based on your company’s resources. From designing the system to procuring the equipment and installing it, you’ll get all the services in one place.

We’ve also got new and used recycling equipment in our inventory! Whether you need the two ram baler or the steel belt conveyor, get in touch with us now!