Where OCC Packaging Waste Ends Up (and What to Do with It)

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Corrugated cardboard waste is produced in large quantities due to the cardboard’s popularity as an ideal packaging material. Throughout the delivery process of packaged materials, these cardboard boxes end up in a variety of different locations—from distribution centers to consumers’ homes. As the demand for cardboard boxes continues to rise to satisfy increasing packaging demands, the question of how to sustainably deal with such waste as it accumulates in various locations arises. To learn more about where OCC packaging waste ends up—and what to do with it—continue reading.

Distribution centers

Distribution centers and e-commerce warehouses receive bulk deliveries of packaged material. Upon receiving such material, they’re faced with the responsibility of storing and repackaging it in smaller batches before further distributing it. After doing so, the distribution center or warehouse must manage the large boxes in which the material was previously stored. Horizontal balers are typically the best option for fulfilling the large-scale waste management needs of distribution centers. Horizontal balers can process immense volumes of carboard waste and automatically transform them into mill-sized bales.


Although the amount isn’t as large-scale as the amount distribution centers must deal with, stores also obtain a significant quantity of cardboard packaging waste. In addition to the packaging that customers eventually dispose of, stores must also dispose of the outer shipping packaging of the goods they receive. In addition, the amount of space in which stores can manage such waste is usually smaller. As such, vertical balers are typically suitable for compacting a store’s waste into bales due to their smaller size.

Apartments and residential buildings

The final destination of many packages is the residence of the recipient. As the popularity of online shopping continues to rise, a sizable amount of packaging waste can accumulate at these locations. As a result, faculty managers may need to install waste management systems on the premises to prevent such waste from piling up in waste storage areas. Ideally, this system should comprise a small baler that can be installed onsite to help reduce the volume of OCC packaging waste.

If you’re looking for an effective waste management solution to help you reduce the volume of your packaging waste, Crigler Enterprises Inc. offers a wide variety of baling equipment to choose from. Our selection of new and used balers includes horizontal, vertical, and two-ram balers to manage a wide variety of waste quantities. For more information regarding our waste management equipment, contact us today.

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