Vertical or Horizontal Baler: Which is Right for Your Company

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Balers play an important role in many companies by providing energy-efficient solutions for managing waste. The most common types of balers are vertical balers and horizontal balers. Vertical balers process recyclable waste materials using a vertical downward force, and horizontal balers use a ram to compresses the waste from the side. When determining whether a vertical or horizontal baler is right for your company, it’s important to consider the following key factors.

Quantity of Material

The primary factor to consider before you buy a baler is the amount of material you expect the machine to process each week. If your company produces more than 100 tons of recyclables a month, a horizontal baler is likely the right choice. Horizontal balers can typically process a much higher volume of bales per day than vertical balers. In addition, horizontal balers produce larger bales with more consistent densities and weights.


If you have a limited amount of space, vertical balers are the more practical option. Vertical balers are much smaller than horizontal balers, which can reach up to 40 feet in length. While some larger vertical balers require a ceiling height of 14 feet or more, some specialty vertical balers can operate in an area with a standard 8-foot ceiling.


One of the main benefits of vertical balers is their low cost. Vertical balers are significantly cheaper than horizontal balers; they can often be found for one fifth or even one tenth of the price. However, the higher efficiency of more expensive horizontal balers can end up making up for the initial cost if your company needs to process larger amounts of waste. Plus, you can always consider buying used bailing equipment to help lower costs.

Ultimately, choosing between a vertical or horizontal baler for your company will depend on your business’s needs. Regardless of which type you choose, both options have the potential to cut company costs and increase efficiency.