Tips And Tricks To Minimize Paper Waste

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Wasting paper is a very common habit, which is why paper and pulp are ranked the 3rd largest pollution causing agents.

Statistics suggest that U.S. offices use around 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year. This amounts to the waste of around 1 billion trees.

Each year, the amount of paper and wood wasted by the U.S. can be used to heat 50,000,000 houses for as long as 20 years!

Maintaining an eco-friendly environment is the foremost responsibility when it comes to operating an industrial facility. If you’re a part of a packaging or paper industry, here’s how you can minimize your contribution to paper wastage:

Planned Processing

Planning the process beforehand can minimize the wastage of raw materials and manages your production cost. Choose materials that can be easily recycled and reused. Materials that are delivered in pulpable bags are a good choice if they satisfy your material requirement.

Return the packaging of material to the supplier so it can be reused. If you have a proper recycling equipment, you can recycle the packaging and pallets for your own use.

Precise Web Widths

The dried pulp after processing produces a continuous paper sheet called “web”. As the sheet passes through the trimming machine, a lot of trim waste is produced. This can be minimized if the machine is provided with precise web widths.

Inappropriate sizing also wastes a lot of cardboard in the name of trimming. Encourage your customers to provide you with precise measurements to avoid inaccuracy.

Minimal Reel change

The reel change during the collation process wastes a lot of paper. Using a standardized reel length can minimize the frequent changes of reel and reduce the stoppage time.

Waste Management

Keep a regular check on your waste production and identify areas for improvement. Encourage your employees to contribute ideas for effective waste management.

Set goals and provide incentives to your employees for minimizing paper wastage each year.

Specify containers for each type of waste. This will sort out different materials and help you take required action for each material.

Recycle your Waste

An effective way to manage your paper waste is to recycle it. Recycling the waste won’t just contribute to an eco-friendly environment, but will also reduce your production costs.

The materials that can be recycled include extra coating material, unseparated solids that can be reused for pulping.

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