The Undisputed Importance of Dust Control Systems

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It’s a well-known fact that strict environmental regulations are being passed into law so as to curb the adverse impact of human activity on the environment. As such,  factories  now face an uphill battle in adhering to these regulations as most of the particles released during chemical processes severely compromise our health and safety (more on that later).

This is where a dust control and collection system comes into the picture. When used correctly, a dust management system will significantly reduce a factory’s impact on the environment and make it easier for a firm to follow these regulations.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look as to why dust control and collection systems are crucially important for factories.

The Dangers of Dust:

The dangers of dust can be very difficult to fully understand as they vary in nature and severity. In some cases, inhaling dust can cause something as trivial as throat irritation while, in others, dust can cause fatal diseases such as lung cancer!

As such, we must give this problem the attention that it deserves or we run the risk of doing irreparable damage in the long run. All these factors underline the importance of properly processing dust before releasing it to the environment.

Top of the Line Dust Control Systems:

The Crigler Enterprises team leverages it’s experience in the industry to create personalizeddust control systems. From the after-filter to the conveyor, separator system, we can optimize the dust management system to meet your needs. This results in an end product that is bound to make things safer for you and your employees.

Systems That Make a Difference

Our team is not content with giving you a dust management system that only helps you adhere to the latest environmental regulations; we want to make a genuinechange. This is why our systems come equipped with small devices that make a big difference.

From ducts that separate toxins so that they can be remotely processed to screens that help you monitor the performance of the system, our dust management solutions will revolutionize your industry and make it greener.


In addition to our dust management systems, we also offer a vast variety of recycling equipment that will transform your business. From foam balers to conveyor belt, we provide a large assortment of new and used recycling equipment that will make it easier for your firm to adhere to the latest environmental regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your organization more eco-friendly.


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