Waste Handling System Design

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A modern waste handling system can help your business reduce the volume of your waste and make it easier for transportation and disposal. Additionally, waste handling systems can streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in the long run. If your business handles a large amount of recyclable material or other waste, it is crucial to have a waste handling system that can efficiently meet your needs. That is why Crigler Enterprises, Inc. offers waste handling system design services to make sure your system is up to the task of keeping your business running smoothly.

Systems Designed to Your Specifications

While there are various sizes and types of businesses that use recycling and waste handling systems, the needs of each company can vary. For instance, a large fulfillment center requires a system that can handle a lot more material than a local scrap processing facility. You want to ensure the system design can handle the specific materials that your business requires. Our waste handling system design services will take these factors into account to conceive a system that meets your specifications.

A Variety of Equipment to Choose From

If you require a waste handling system, we have the equipment for you. We offer a wide range of equipment that we can incorporate into your system’s design depending on your needs. We supply balers, including horizontal, vertical, auto-tie horizontal, closed-door horizontal, full eject, and two ram balers. On top of this, we also offer conveyors, shredders, sort and waste collection systems, and materials recovery facilities. Leading waste handling product manufacturers provide this equipment, including Harris, American Baler, MAX-PAK, and more.

Make sure your waste handling system is up to par. Contact us today to learn more about our waste handling system design services and how they can help your business.