Shredding for Newbies: Different Types of Shredder Systems

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Are you shopping for an industrial shredder?

What type of shredder system are you interested in?

Chipper? Granulator? Grinder? Shear?


Ah, so you haven’t made up your mind yet, right?

Is that because you’re unfamiliar with different types of shredder systems available in the market?

If so, you don’t have to worry!

We’ll provide you a basic introduction to the different types of shredder systems available in the market, after which, you’ll be able to easily make your pick and choose the right type of shredder system for your waste management and recycling needs.

Different types of industrial shredders

Industrial shredders vary by the type of process they employ for the shredding function. There are basically five types of shredder systems available in the market:


Chippers use high speed rotary knives to shred materials into chip or flake form. These shredders can be automatically or manually fed and may employ single or multiple stage shredding machines.


Like chippers, granulators employ chipping to reduce recyclables into fine particles. However, they use rotating blades and stator knives instead of rotary knives to perform the task. Granulators are mostly used in plastic recycling and may come equipped with thermoforming units for improved scrap handling.


Grinders typically use abrasion to reduce materials into granular form. Often, abrasion is combined with compression to achieve superior shredding results. Drums, plates and wheels may be used in the process.


As the name suggests, hammermills use brute force to shatter and pulverize materials. The most common configuration in hammermills is a gravity-fed chamber containing a rotary drum that has swiveling hammers mounted on it. Output particle size can be adjusted using the shredder’s control system.

Shear shredders

Shear shredders use rotary blades to cut materials. The basic difference between shear shredders and other industrial shredders which use rotary blades is, the output particle size is usually bigger for shear shredders; other shredders produce finer particles.

So, which shredder system do you think would suit your waste management needs better? If you want, you can contact our shredder system experts for more tailored guidance before making a final decision.

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