RUNI Screw Compactor

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RUNI SK370 screw compactor is the largest machine for compacting EPS and is recommended for an annual volume of more than 50 tonnes. The SK370 screw compactor can compact the EPS (also known as airpop) at a ratio of up to 50:1. Before compacting it took 50 trucks to take the EPS to landfill – now only one truck can do it. The density of the compacted blocks is approx. 350 kg/m³. The compacted blocks can be stacked on a pallet and sold for recycling. A truck or container can load approx. 20 tonnes. TURN WASTE TO VALUE!

The EPS is pre-crushed in the hopper and the screw and the automatic hydraulic jaws compact the EPS to solid and uniform blocks. The density and size of the EPS is crucial for the choice of pre-crusher. The machine can be fed manually into a 45° hopper or by conveyor belt into a vertical hopper. The different incorporated sensors ensures easy operation with the automatic start and stop function and adjustable speed. Twin models with two or three screw compactors ensure high efficiency. It is also possible to place the compactor below a silo and buy automatic block divider and crane for handling the compacted blocks.

Larger screw, more power, more capacity
Profit from converting waste to reusable material
Save space and handling costs by processing waste quickly and efficiently
Save energy – no heat required in the process
Different configurations for a large number of materials
Reduce manual labour
Safe and easy operation with automatic start and stop
Heavy Duty Pre-crusher can be fitted for particularly tough and dense materials
Pre-crusher is available in different configurations and motor sizes.
Twin models with multiple screw compactors.
Silo solution.
Automatic block divider and crane for handling the compacted blocks.
Remote control.