Paper Shredders: All You Need To Know

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Industrial shredders are the saviors when it comes to effective management of materials.

They shred wide variety of materials ranging from paper to cardboard, beverage cans to tin containers, and tissues to plastic pipes. Unlike other industrial equipment with high voltage and large space requirements, shredders provide efficient means of material management.

The advancement of technology has introduced automated shredders, reducing manual operation significantly.

Among the different types of shredders, paper shredders play an effective role in managing the paper waste.

According to statistics, approximately 12.1 trillion sheets of paper are used by U.S. offices every year. This paper is contributing a deal to pollution. Paper and pulp are ranked as the 3rd largest pollution causing agents.

Here’s all you need to know about the different type of paper shredders and their benefits:

1. Strip-Cut

These shredders cut documents of size ½ inches to a maximum size of 1/16th inches.

These shredders do not require frequent maintenance as they have fewer blades and moving parts. This also reduces their cost.

They’re capable of handling a higher capacity of paper as compared to other types.

2. Cross-Cut

Equipped with a pair of blades, these shredders provide finer cutting with a size of ½ inch. The shredder enables sectional cutting in square or rectangular shapes and is ideal for cutting documents for business use.

The large sized equipment has heavy-duty motors that can function continuously without overheating.

These shredders offer a higher degree of security, which makes them ideal for handling confidential documents.

3. Single Shaft Shredders

These can be used for shredding of production waste, packaging material, confidential documents, plastics, and aluminum. The machinery uses a mono shaft connected with a motor having high rpm for shredding waste. Due to the high rpm rating of the motor, it can perform heavy-duty work without compromising on speed.

4. Corrugated Shredder

This shredder processes large sheets of corrugated paper. The machine is equipped with three shafts that move according to the cutting principle.  Since the machines operate at a slower speed, chances of malfunctioning are reduced.

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