New vs Used Recycling Balers | Benefits of Each

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Purchasing recycling equipment is an impactful decision—regardless of whether it’s new or used. To ensure that you choose the right equipment for your business, consider these benefits of new versus used recycling balers.

Benefits of new recycling balers

  • Updated functions: New equipment is more advanced and will have updated functions. As such, purchasing new equipment will likely result in a more efficient recycling process which helps save time and money.
  • Advanced safety features: Newer equipment will possess the most updated safety features. This may help reduce work-related injuries for baler operators.
  • Easier maintenance: Newer machinery almost always requires far less maintenance than used equipment. This is because the equipment doesn’t have worn down internal components, so it’s less likely to fail. Plus, parts for new equipment are more widely available compared to older parts needed for used equipment. The older parts may no longer be in production.
  • Warranties: Most new machinery will come with a warranty to protect your investment. While some used equipment providers offer a warranty, this is typically not the case.

Benefits of used recycling balers

Decreased upfront cost: The main benefit of buying used recycling equipment is the decreased upfront cost. Like any type of equipment, the baler’s value will depreciate significantly over time. This will happen regardless of how well the prior owner maintained it. This means you can buy quality equipment for a much lower price simply because someone has used it before. If you’re new to the recycling industry, buying a used baler may be especially advantageous—you will have more freedom to find a baler that is right for you without significant financial risk. For example, if you end up deciding that you want to exchange your baler for a different model, the equipment’s value won’t depreciate as drastically as if it were new. Since you may not know the entire history of the equipment, however, it’s important to do a quick inspection before making a purchase. Doing so will help you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs and maintenance that will make the used equipment cost more in the long-run.

Once you determine which type of baler is best suited to your company’s needs, you can choose from Crigler’s extensive selection of new and used recycling equipment. If you need help deciding, our certified and trained team can help you choose a baler based on your unique recycling requests. For more information on our inventory and services, contact us today.