Inventory – New and Used Equipment

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Equipment Available

Leaders in the recycling industry, through providing superior service and innovative applications of balers, shredders, and conveyor systems. We have a variety of new and used equipment from balers to conveyors.

Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers

Harris Selco HLO-608-AR40
8" Cylinder
48"x40"x72" Bale
45"x60" feed opening

MaxPak HOE-2850-308-A
30Hp motor
8" Cylinder
28"x50" Feed Opening

Harris Selco HLO 608A40
Auto Tie Baler
8" Cylinder
48"x40"x72" Bale
45"x60" feed opening

Harris HSO 107A
7" Cylinder
20Hp motor
30"x30" Feed opening
36"x30"x Variable Bale size
Harris Selco HSO 108A
8" cylinder
30HP motor
30"x36" Feed opening

Closed Door Horizontal Balers

C+M 5529/3030

Motor/Voltage: 20hp/460v 3 phase
6" cylinder with 52" stroke


BloApCo 4HD36-4058BVA

40Hp motor
58" x 40" feed opening

Maren 60" Shredder with Pinch Belt

American Pulverizer VSP-4 vertical shredder 48” feed opening
60 HP
Infeed conveyor

Starr Floor Sweep Shredder
25Hp motor


American Baler Conveyor
60" Wide
20' Long
3.5' Upper Horizontal
Manufactured in 2017
Bottom infeed Hopper


Endura-Veyor Cart Tipper
Up to 2000lbs per dump
Manufactued in 2017

American Baler Paper Conditioner

New and used Vertical Balers. We sell our used Machines in Reconditioned and As-Is Running Condition.

NEW Bace V63HD
60"x30"x48" bale
15HP motor
6" Cylinder
60"x27" Feed opening

Used International Baler IVB 727-D
Deep and Tall Vertical Baler
72"x44"x48" Baler
20HP motor
7" cylinder

PTR 3400 HD Vertical Baler
60"x30"x48" bale
10HP motor
6" Cylinder
60"x27.5" Feed opening

General Used 60" Vertical Baler
We have several Manufactures of 60" Vertical Balers. Please inquire for more details on current stock

Used "Baby Baler"
Ver-Tech M-42
42" Feed Opening
Roughly 150LBS bale
Great for clothing or small cardboard operation.

Fans, Separators, and Air Filter

Call For Availability 404-874-4401 ex203