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Paper Shredders: All You Need To Know

Industrial shredders are the saviors when it comes to effective management of materials.

They shred wide variety of materials ranging from paper to cardboard, beverage cans to tin containers, and tissues to plastic pipes. Unlike other industrial equipment with high voltage and large space requirements, shredders provide efficient means of material management. Read more


Al in Wasteland: A Business Guide to Aluminum Cans Recycling

Did you know, an average US employee consumes 2.6 aluminum cans of soda per day?

Do you run a business? How much soda does your employees consume every day?

Honestly, it does not matter!

What really matters is, how many of those soda cans that end up in your trash bin daily do you actually recycle? Read more


Packaging Consequences: Cardboard the in Wasteland!

If the United States has a packaging favorite, it’s cardboard!

Over 85 percent of all products manufactured and sold in the country are packed in card boards, from pizzas to pizza-making machines.

These cardboard boxes keep our items safe and contamination-free.

Unfortunately, all this packaging has cardboard consequences. Read more


Balers for Newbies: What’s the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Balers

Balers are indispensable components of waste management and recycling operations. They enable businesses and recycling facilities to pack large amounts of waste material into compact blocks of mass, allowing for easier waste handling, storage and transportation.

There are a variety of balers available in the market; however, almost all of them fall into one of two main categories: Read more


Shredding for Newbies: Different Types of Shredder Systems

Are you shopping for an industrial shredder?

What type of shredder system are you interested in?

Chipper? Granulator? Grinder? Shear?


Ah, so you haven’t made up your mind yet, right?

Is that because you’re unfamiliar with different types of shredder systems available in the market?

If so, you don’t have to worry! Read more


Shredding for Newbies: Selecting the Right Shredding Equipment

In our previous blog in the series, Shredding for Newbies, we discussed the different types of shredder systems available in the market and their features. Today, we’ll take our discussion a step further and review the factors that need to be kept under consideration when selecting a shredding equipment for your operations to ensure the equipment you’re buying adequately fits your needs.

There are four key points that need to be considered when selecting a shredding equipment for your waste management operations: Read more


Joining the Recycling Legion: Baling Plastics!

Plastic waste is a big problem.

You only need to surf through the details of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, walk through the plastic waste wonderland that which we call our landfills, and feast on the minuscule microplastic spices which marinate our food chain to understand how big of a problem it is.

And so, putting their recycling defenses up, businesses and manufacturers are doing everything in their recycling capacity to tackle the problem of plastic waste. If not overcome it, at least to try to stop it from getting worse. Read more



In industries such as chemical processing, food and agriculture, to name a few, employees and the equipment are more vulnerable to getting affected by the polluted air.

Dust, dirt and debris get mixed with the air, making it detrimental to the health of people and functionality of the machines.

To make the manufacturing or processing facility safer and clean, it is essential to install dust collectors.

When the workers breathe the contaminated air, their lungs get affected. Read more


Shredder For Recycling

Crigler Enterprises, Inc. offers new and used shedders at competitive prices. Our stock includes

  • Cross cut paper shredders
  • Hard drive shredders
  • Corrugated shredders
  • Strip cut paper shredders
  • Single shaft shredders
  • Core shredders

Read more


Common Recycling Equipment For Minimizing Material

For organizations looking for quality recycling equipment and turn-key material recovery solutions, there are a mind-boggling number of options out there. Let’s take a look at the most common choices classified according to their purpose:

Read more