Benefits Of Industrial Recycling

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According to the EPA, around 262 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) was generated in the US during 2015. And while the production of waste is inevitable in every industry, when recycled, this waste can provide your company with many benefits. Moreover, recycling waste causes less strain on the environment and leads to a more sustainable future.

Here are a few benefits of industrial recycling and why your company should have a waste management plan.

Reduce Costs

Disposal costs are associated with how you get rid of the unused materials and industrial by-products of your company. When you recycle your company’s waste either yourself or through a company that specializes in waste management, you reduce these costs and improve the bottom line.

Moreover, you can reduce your costs by almost half if you purchase recycled materials for your industry’s raw materials.

Save Energy And Resources

By recycling industrial waste, you can help ration Earth’s depleting resources. Moreover, by using recycled products, energy is saved, as most industrial processes require excessive amounts of energy.

With the process of energy recovery, non-recyclable waste can be converted intto heat, fuel, or energy to be used in other processes. Almost 34 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste was combusted in 2015 for energy recovery, according to a detailed report of EPA.

By recycling, you also reduce landfills—the disposal of waste by burial in a site. According to EPA, almost 138 million tons of waste had been landfilled in 2015, with food being the largest component.

Improve Your Company’s Value

Making your company more eco-friendly and investing in a waste management program can help increase your company’s value in both customers’ and investors’ eyes. These days, people invest in green companies that play their part in preserving the environment.

Moreover, by going green or investing in recycling initiatives, your company can qualify for special certifications and programs. For example, in 2014, Fortune published its ‘50 Best Global Green Brands’ by ranking companies based on their sustainability efforts and consumers’ perception of their services.

New Job Opportunities

Recycling waste involves the use of specialized waste management equipment, transportation, and reselling. Moreover, the equipment for recycling—including balers, conveyors, shredders, or pneumatic conveyance systems to list a few—needs regular maintenance and proper working conditions. This creates job opportunities, as more personnel are required to operate and maintain these waste management systems.

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