5 of the Main Reasons to Have a Two-Ram Baler

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Balers provide an effective solution to manage waste at many companies. If you think you should invest in a baler, it’s important to choose the right kind. One of the most popular types of balers is the two-ram baler. This type of baler is similar to a standard single-ram baler, but it also includes an additional ram to allow for a more-efficient process. To learn if this baler is right for you, consider these main reasons to have a two-ram baler at your company.

Accommodate high quantities of waste

Two-ram balers are ideal for companies that manage high quantities of waste. They come equipped with a large feed opening, which allows the machine to accommodate a large amount of materials. In addition, two-ram balers feature an auto-tie feature; this can benefit companies who need to bale a large amount of waste in a timely matter.

Quick and efficient

The large feed opening on two-ram balers doesn’t just allow for large quantities of waste, it also increases efficiency. Due to the large opening, waste can enter the baler at a faster rate. Plus, because they have two rams—one for gathering and compressing material and one for ejecting the bale—they can produce bales quicker than a standard single-ram baler.

Reduce costs

Due to the high efficiency of two-ram balers, they also help reduce operating costs. As stated, two-ram bales can bale larger quantities of materials. Investing in a two-ram baler may prove more cost-effective than purchasing several single-ram balers. The wide opening on two-ram balers also mean there’s no need for operators to break up bulky materials, which saves time and money. In addition, two-ram balers can bale material against a hard wall to create denser and more-compact bales. This allows a single bale to contain more material, so fewer bales need to be handled.

Variety of materials

Two-ram balers offer flexibility when it comes to the types of materials they can bale. Such balers can be used to recycle a range of materials, which includes plastic, scrap metal, and textiles. If your company recycles a wide range of materials, or you switch commodities frequently, two-ram balers are a great option.

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