Balers for recycling Scrap Materials

If you are searching for reliable recycling and scrap management equipment, baling is your best bet. Balers are specialized equipment used for volume reduction on a variety of waste materials, which includes plastics, textiles, foam, and more, into marketable bales.

Crigler Enterprises, Inc., is a leading recycling equipment and material recovery solution company offering highest quality balers from the leading manufacturers. We offer new and used balers at competitive prices.

Whatever the size of your operation, we have the right baler for every need.. Our current stock includes horizontal, vertical, auto-tie horizontal, closed door horizontal, , full eject and two ram balers.

Based on your specific recycling needs, our certified and trained team can help you pick a baler that best suits you.

Our balers are designed to provide value, reliability, durability and performance. Easy to install and operate, they streamline and simplify the waste management process.

We value every client’s time and make sure they obtain the highest quality balerto suit their application. From baler selection, installation to maintenance, our staff will be there to assist you throughout the process.

Invest in Crigler Enterprises, Inc.’s experienced people, and quality balers and make your waste processing easier and faster. Every baler has been tried and tested to ensure effecient and safe results.

Get in touch with us today and tell us your specific disposal and recycling requirements. You will be surprised at various options we have to fit your application.

Serving our clients is our top priority. We strive to accommodate every client’s needs in the most efficient way possible and earn their trust and loyalty as well.

We provide every client with personal attention and timely responses.